Graduate Christian Fellowship

We are a community of grad students, professional students, and friends seeking to be a redeeming presence for Christ at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
Our Beliefs

We welcome people from all faiths and denominations to participate in our activities

Friday Nights

Biweekly Friday night meetings where our whole chapter comes together for worship,
community, and learning

Small Groups

The heart of our chapter, small groups have an atmosphere of accountability and encouragement

Our Commitments

Spiritual Formation

We desire to be conformed to the image of Christ. To achieve this, we cultivate habits that deepen our spiritual lives such as regular prayer, rigorous Bible study, and other foundational disciplines.


We choose to gather regularly as a community of faculty and graduate students to learn and worship, to challenge and care for each other, and to serve as a welcoming place for both believers and seekers.

Faith, Learning, and Practice

Because the God whom we worship is Creator of all, we seek a unity of truth and practice in the university and all institutions and believe that the integrity of this pursuit will be a witness to the university and professional world.

Evangelism and Service

As a community, we demonstrate and proclaim the gospel to the university so that Jesus Christ is esteemed over all. Believing that God is at work to initiate people into His kingdom, we pray and work with expectation for their conversion. We also seek to authenticate this witness in our service, especially to the poor and the oppressed.


Friday Night Fellowship!


Date: Fri Mar 6, 6:30pm


Our theme this year is Exploring the Spiritual Disciplines. Everyone from Augustine to Anselm to Mother Teresa to Huck Finn to Homer Simpson has things to say about how we practice the Christian life. This will be an intro to the topic. Our Friday Nights are interactive and discussion oriented. They are a great place to meet people and to be encouraged and challenged. We all need a social life and we need each other. Friday Nights after work is a good place to hang out and do yourself a favor.


Friday Night Fellowship_


Fri Mar 6, 6:30pm_


Spring Work/Chill Party_


Fri Mar 19 or Sat Mar 20

Upper House _

Knitting Night


TBD: week of Mar 23 _


Student Leadership

Ashley Henry


PhD Candidate

Polly Yu


PhD Candidate

Maggie Flamingo
Large Group Coordinator


PhD Candidate

Melina Knabe
Small Group Coordinator

Educational Psychology
PhD Student

Ama Idun
Community Life Coordinator

Communication Sciences & Disorders
MS Student

Continue Ministry on Campus

Graduate Christian Fellowship operates on a budget funded mostly by donations, our members’ generosity as well as by the university through ASM. Please consider making a donation. If you want to know how the money is spent, the exec team can provide a copy of the budget. Donations can be given to any exec member; please make cheques to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Jon Dahl is the staff worker from InterVarsity who works with and supports this chapter. Donations to him can be made through InterVarsity’s donation page.

Have any Questions?
We would love to meet you and get to know you! Just contact us and we’ll make it happen.