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Picture of Melina
Melina Knabe
Co-President and Small Group Coordinator

Currently, I am a fourth year PhD student in Educational Psychology. As an undergraduate, my B.S. in Neuroscience led me to work with a rodent model, but now I have the joy of working with children. My research interests lie in understanding the cognitive processes that support early word learning in mono- and bilinguals. Outside of lab, you can catch me on a run to Picnic Point, in conversation with a friend over coffee, or watching German news (it's more interesting than it sounds!). Long-term, I hope to serve students through teaching, mentorship, and scholarship at a liberal arts college.

Picture of Ashley
Ashley Henry
Co-President and Admin

Hello! I'm a 4th year PhD student in the Botany Department studying the genetic controls of root growth variance in the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana. When I'm not doing research I enjoy reading, a brisk jog, and rolling in flowers. I'm looking forward to serving y'all this year!

Nick Allaman
Large Group Coordinator

I'm a second year MA student in the Asian Languages and Cultures Department, studying pre-modern Chinese literature (and Korean on the side). I'm still finding my focus as I prepare for a PhD, but I'm especially interested in literary critical theory of the Han, Three Kingdoms, and Northern and Southern Dynasties (206 B.C. to 618 A.D.). You know, 曹丕, 刘勰, 陆机, and 萧统. Considering my field, it should come as no surprise that I'm a huge nerd. I love reading fiction, writing fantasy, and long geocaching sessions on the beach. I look forward to being a part of your grad school experience at UW!

Jongho Park
Community Life Coordinator

Hey there! I’m a 2nd year PhD student in computer science except I don’t know how to fix a computer so feel free to ask me anything but that. I study statistical algorithms and how they interact with corrupted data, as they address important issues like AI safety and fairness. Other than that, I love listening to music that I do not understand, reading books that I’ll never finish, and watching films that I added to my watchlist years ago. Feel free to reach out to me for anything!


Jon Dahl
Staff Worker

My training and background is in agronomy and engineering. I worked for the USDA for 5 years. However, for the last 15 years I have been studying grad students and faculty as an IVCF staffworker. My wife, Julie, and I have two boys, Erik and Hans. We live on the near west side not far from the UW. Besides my interest & commitment to seeing 'thy kingdom come and thy will be done' at UW, I enjoy reading, travel, construction, theology, fabrication, anything with a motor, history, literature, bikes, hiking, canoeing, the Terrace with friends, etc. You get the idea.

Jeff Hardin
On-Campus Advisor

Jeff Hardin received his B.S. in Zoology and B.A. in German from Michigan State University. He received a Master of Divinity degree at the International School of Theology in Southern California, during which he met his wife, Susie. After seminary Jeff returned to academic science at the University of California-Berkeley, where he received a Ph.D. in Biophysics. After postdoctoral work at Duke University, Jeff joined the Zoology Department at UW in 1991, where he is currently a full professor and chair. Jeff's research focuses on the cellular mechanisms of embryonic development. Jeff is faculty director of the Biology Core Curriculum, a four-semester honors biology sequence for undergraduates. Jeff is the only scientist who is a professor of Religious Studies, and he is co-Director of the Isthmus Society, a campus organization committed to promoting dialogue between science and religion on the UW campus and in the Madison community. Jeff and Susie have two adult sons, Jon and Christopher.